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Who is LADY WONG? Yup, she was born during the peak of the Covid when we couldn’t get our usual Kuih and Chinese New Year Fix. Those nostalgic food that we used to enjoy were nowhere to be found. What we found was not to our liking at all. So, as chefs with a lot of time at home during the pandemic, we decided to take up the challenge and ta-da LADY WONG was born!
LADY WONG is Nanyang inspired pastry and kuih boutique in the heart of New York City. This is truly a slice of Southeast Asia in the middle of the concrete jungle of Manhattan. 

Hey folks! My name is Seleste and my husband is Mogan. We are partners in crime who run LADY WONG boutique. Both of us are from Malaysia but lived in Singapore for a decade before moving to New York. We cooked in 5-star hotels, resorts and Michelin star restaurants in Singapore, Malaysia, and New York.

We spent a good amount of time traveling cooking, eating, and researching. Even though our careers have taken us around the world, as we get older, we miss that nostalgic childhood food and flavors.

We invested a lot of time to develop many of the LADY WONG pastries and kuih that you guys enjoy. We do micro-batches of traditional and modern pastries.

As we always say, “Lady Wong is truly a love letter to Nanyang flavors” so grab your slice today since tomorrow is never promised. We are looking forward to welcoming you to our little boutique, so you don’t have to fly far to enjoy these rich and authentic Crazy Asian flavors.

Please reach out to us personally at if you have any feedback and issues, we really care about what we do and are happy to further improve your experience.

Seleste and Mogan