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Thousand Layer Cake (Lapis Legit)

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Thousand Layer Cake (Lapis Legit) was developed during colonial times in the Dutch East Indies. The firm-textured cake is an Indo (Dutch-Indonesian) version of the European multi-layered spit cake. However, it is not baked on a rotating spit and contains a mix of Indonesian spices, such as cardamom, cinnamon, clove, mace and anise. This cake is made of flour and yolk and is rich in Dutch butter.

Lapis Legit is popular in Indonesia and is served as a holiday treat. It is also served or given as gifts during many local festivities such as birthday parties and weddings. In the Netherlands, the sliced cake is traditionally served for dessert in rijsttafel. It is also a very popular dessert in Hadhramout.

  • 7.5" (Serve approximately 10-12 people).