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  • $84.99
  • $99.99

Silky Pandan cremeux, Sicilian pistachio feuilletine crunch, Pandan perfume sponge in Valrhona white chocolate infused Pandan and coconut Anglaise mousse.

  • 6"  (Serve approximately 6-8 people).
  • 8" (Serve approximately 8-12 people).

Dairy, Gluten, Nut and Gelatin.

Please be advised that baked goods may contain or come into contact with peanuts, tree nuts or other allergens.

  • Keep refrigerated (4°C/39°F) for at least 30 mins upon receiving.
  • Do not freeze. Take the cake out from the fridge shortly before serving.
  • Best within 24 hours.


  • Your items will be available for pick-up only on the specified date; it will not be kept for a pick up on a later date.
  • Items will be discarded end of the day.


  • Please keep all cakes refrigerated until serving. Do not keep cakes outside for more than 30 minutes. Handle delicately as our cakes are very fragile.