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Grand Kuih Platter

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DISCLAIMER: The picture is for illustration purposes only. The actual product may slightly vary in finishing, color and flavor.

GRAND PLATTER - 171 pieces | 42-57pax
  • 20 Red Tortoise Cake (Angku Kuih Mung bean or Peanut flavor).
  • 20 Pandan & Coconut Filling Rolled Crepe (Kuih Dadar).
  • 20 Sticky Rice with Sweet Coconut Topping wrapped in banana leaf (Pulut Inti).
  • 10 Grilled Pandan Cake (Pandan Bakar).
  • 15 Pandan Custard Sticky Rice (Pandan Serimuka).
  • 15 Rainbow Lapis (Lapis Sago).
  • 10 Pressed Sticky Rice Cake with Coconut Jam (Pulut Taitai).
  • 15 Vietnamese Mung bean & Pandan Layer (Banh Da Lon).
  • 10 Sweet & Salty Custard Layer Cake (Talam Pandan Palm Sugar or Coconut flavor).
  • 12 Nian Gao. 
  • 12 Baked Cassava (Bingka).
  • 12 Bouncy Rice Cake (Kosui Pandan or Rose Flavor).