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In Store Collection's

  1. Talam Pandan With Coconut Caramel
  2. Malay Rose Cake (Steamed Rose Milk) by Lady Wong
  3. Kuih Pandan Bakar (Grilled Pandan Cake) by Lady Wong
  4. Kosui Melaka (Bouncy Gula Melaka Cake) by Lady Wong
  5. Red Tortoise Cake Mungbean (Angku Kuih) by Lady Wong
  6. Kosui Pandan (Bouncy Steamed Pandan Cake)
  7. Malaysian Curry Puff (Karipap)
  8. Black Sesame Passion Fruit by Lady Wong
  9. Raspberry Lychee by Lady Wong
  10. Pandan Matcha Tart by Lady Wong
  11. 72 Hours Pineapple Cake
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  12. Pandan Chiffon Cake by Lady Wong
  13. Lapis Surabaya
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  14. Calamansi & Passion Fruit Cake (Slice)
  15. Salted Palm Sugar Caramel Cake (Slice) by Lady Wong
  16. Valrhona Hazelnut Royaltine Cake (Slice) by Lady Wong